Nameless Paints

Quite regularly I wish that I could speak another language and today is one of those days. Today it’s Japanese. Purely so I can listen to, and understand, an interview with the designers of probably one of the most awesome products I’ve seen all year – Nameless Paint.

Japanese design team Ima Moteki, made up of Yusuke Imai and Ayami Moteki, have created Nameless Paints, a pretty freaking ingenious way of introducing kids to colour theory and helping them better understand colour. The packaging for the set of paints, which won them the Grand Prix at the 2012 Kokuyo Design Award, has no text denoting what colour is in each tube. Instead, each paint has a dot showing the colour inside. Red paint has a single red dot. For colours like purple there are two or three dots (red and blue)  with the size of each dot representing how much of one of those colours is present. It is so simple and so incredibly effective.

Nameless Paints

Nameless Paints

The design totally removes any preconceived notions we have attached to words for certain colours and allows for kids to fully immerse themselves in learning about colour in a way that being told red and orange makes yellow doesn’t allow.

The finalised design for Nameless Paints

The finalised design for Nameless Paints

Since taking out the design award, the team have been working with Kokomo’s stationary brand Campus to finalise the idea and make it market ready. The paints will be available through Campus early October. And I seriously want them.

All this found via Spoon & Tamago 

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