Procastination ducklings

I don’t know what’s been going on this week. I’ve had so much time to get stuff done and haven’t done a thing. I’ve just been putting things off all week – job applications, blog posts, making things, work emails, everything.

There’s been plenty of stuff I’ve actually wanted to do and heaps I’ve wanted to write about but I’m just severely lacking the motivation this week. And so the one week I have plenty of time to get stuff done and spend a while properly writing shit that is thoughtful and considered is of course the week where I am leaving everything to the last minute and just throwing shit together haphazardly.

This blog was meant to be a helper to my procrastination by forcing me to do things that I wanted to do not just give me more things to put off doing. Grrrr.

I guess I shouldn’t have been so naive to think that somehow a blog would issues with procrastinating. Or maybe I just have to stick it out for a far bit longer.

So tomorrow,  I’m thinking, I will set myself the challenge that I have to write 1000 words to make up for this weeks lacklustre efforts. I’ve been thinking about an art as therapy post since Sunday and I put off doing it then as well as today. Might even force myself to take a photo and shove it up here.

In the mean time, here is a picture I took this evening while I should have been writing things. I was at a friend’s place and she has just been given these two adorable, and slightly terrifying, taxidermy ducklings. The light on them from where I was sitting was just so perfect. They were such cute and freaking soft little things, though I still felt terrible touching them and thinking how lovely they were. There we go, Saturday’s blog can be all about my love hate relationship with taxidermy.


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